Eye Wonder Publishing launched its new Eye Wonder Books imprint with the “Eye Wonder: The Magical and Paradoxical Illusory Worlds of Jerry Andrus”

This volume features the very best of Jerry Andrus’s creative genius in the worlds of magic, illusion, and paradox.

The non-static medium of the electronic book, free from the constraints of the printed page, allows for the sharing of magical and illusory effects, sights and sounds, which were formerly prohibited in a static medium. Further, the digital format allows one to experience Jerry Andrus: the man, his thoughts and his vision, through his own distinctive voice.

Eye Wonder is also augmented by essays on Andrus’s original contributions to magic and optical illusions by magician Mark Setteducati and perception scientist Al Seckel.

Jerry was also an extraordinary human being. His close friend Barry Brilliant has contributed an essay on what it was like to know and be with Jerry.

Most of the material here is being published for the first time allowing people, even those already familiar with Jerry Andrus’s original genius, to experience new delights and wonders.

For those who knew Jerry, they will remember that Jerry’s favorite word was “wonder.” Jerry was also a lover of paradox and wordplay. Jerry was someone who was constantly “wondering” about the world around him, and he created wonders for the eye.

Eye Wonder will allow you to share his creative spirit with others as well, who may not have had the fortunate chance to come across his wonderful and surprising delights. We encourage you to share the contents of this ebook. Jerry would have been very delighted to know that so much of his legacy of wonders could be experienced in such an accessible way. Spread the word!

Jerry Andrus 1918 – 2007