Noah Falstein has been in the computer game industry since 1980 with many hit title credits and work experience at major developers like LucasArts, 3DO, and Dreamworks Interactive. Falstein was Chair of the International Game Developers Association from 1997 to 1999, and is also on the advisory boards of the Games for Health Conference and Serious Games Summit. He specializes in game production and design, as well as educational and training game software. Recent work includes co-design of an upcoming Facebook game, as well as design consultation on Remedy’s hit Alan Wake. Falstein has chapters published in six different game industry books, he contributes a regular gaming design column to Gamastutra, and is a former monthly columnist on design for Game Developer magazine. He is an established speaker at game design conferences. Falstein is currently working on his own book about game design issues.

Falstein runs his own freelance gaming design business, The Inspiracy, and his clients include Intel, Cisco, Disney, Dreamworks, Microsoft, JoWood, LucasArts and Cavedog Entertainment as well as many startups. There are very few people with decades of game industry experience, a track record of major design roles in hit games, and extensive International contacts. As a full time freelance designer/producer since 1996 Noah may hold the world record for time in this role.

Noah’s career highlights include:

  • Executive Producer at Dreamworks Interactive as 3rd employee and worked directly with Steven Spielberg on several unreleased titles. Noah launched the “Normandy Beach” project which eventually (under other hands) became the Medal of Honor series and started a Story and Design group within Dreamworks.
  • President at NF Interactive (Sole Proprietorship) doing Consulting for the games industry.
  • Producer at The 3DO Company as 9th employee, reported directly to Trip Hawkins, produced initial demos and launched first four internal titles Project Leader/Assistant
  • Creative Director at LucasArts Entertainment as the 7th employee of Lucasfilm Games (which became LucasArts in 1989). Projects produced and/or codesigned included Koronis Rift, PHM Pegasus, Strike Fleet, Battlehawks 1942, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, and many other hits.