Advisory Board

Kate Jones

Kate Jones Kate Jones is an internationally respected and award winning puzzle designer, and the co-founder and President of Kadon Enterprises, one of the most respected puzzle design companies in the world. Kate specializes in puzzles known for their elegance as puzzles, Read More →

Noah Falstein

Noah Falstein Noah Falstein has been in the computer game industry since 1980 with many hit title credits and work experience at major developers like LucasArts, 3DO, and Dreamworks Interactive. Falstein was Chair of the International Game Developers Association from 1997 to Read More →

Mark Setteducati

Mark Setteducati Mark Setteducati is a close-up magician and one of the world’s leading inventors of magic. He created Milton Bradley’s Magic Works, the most successful magic trick series ever produced, and has invented over fifty magic, game and toy products that Read More →

Al Seckel

Al Seckel Al Seckel is one of the world’s leading experts on visual and sensory illusions and how they relate to the underlying mechanisms of sensory perception. He has lectured extensively on this subject throughout the world at many of the most Read More →

Roger Malina

Roger Malina Roger Malina is a physicist, astronomer, editor-in-chief of Leonardo magazine, distinguished professor at UT Dallas and Associate Director of Arts and Technology. His work focusses on connections among digital technology, science and art. Roger Malina obtained his BS in physics Read More →

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