by Al Seckel

Hear Eye Fooled You! The World’s Best Optical and Auditory Illusions and the Science Behind Them

Published Date : December 19, 2012




: 218 Pages, 335 MB
: English
: 978-0-9886753-1-5


Al Seckel is internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities and authors on visual and sensory illusions. In this volume, Seckel provides over 200 examples of the most powerful illusions known, many of which appear here for the first time. This book also presents powerful auditory illusions, which were not formerly presentable in a traditional printed format.

Some of the illusions are so convincing that you may perceive nothing wrong with, or strange, about them. Only after you have read the explanation of the illusion, will you develop an awareness that your perceptual system is misleading you. Even then, the effect can be so powerful that you may doubt the written description! This volume focuses primarily on representative illusions and their explanations which provide insights into how our perceptions are formed, and showcase recent work in vision and perception laboratories worldwide, along with the author’s own original contributions to the field. The field of cognitive science has been rapidly undergoing a revolution, and it is exciting to experience it here.

Illusions are a wonderful window into perception, because they can reveal the hidden constraints and rules of the perceptual system in a way that our normal perceptual processing does not.

The rich assortment of presented illusions can be appreciated by people of all ages, backgrounds, and professions. It will act as a handy reference tool for artists, as well as any serious student and researcher of human perception. The explanations are augmented by many video interviews with leading scientists, some made especially for this volume. Hear Eye Fooled You contains interviews relating to perception with such noted scientists as Richard Feynman, Vilyanur Ramachandran, Arthur Shapiro, Roger Penrose, Jerry Andrus, and Richard Gregory.

The purpose of this eBook is to provide an enjoyable experience for the reader while sparking their intellectual and creative thinking, and that’s no illusion!

What’s Inside

Inside, you will discover the following:

  1. Afterimages
  2. Aftereffects
  3. Ambiguous Figures
  4. Ambiguous Illusions
  5. Ambiguous Motion Illusions
  6. Ames Room Illusion
  7. Architectural Illusions
  8. Assimilation Illusions
  9. Auditory Illusions
  10. Background Distortions
  11. Ball and Shadow Illusion
  12. Blanking Illusions
  13. Brightness Illusions
  14. Camouflage
  15. Checkered Shadow Illusion
  16. Circular Pitch
  17. Color Dove Illusion
  18. Color Illusions
  19. Context Illusions
  20. Cornsweet Illusion
  21. Double Face Illusion
  22. Double Perspective Illusions
  23. Estimation Illusions
  24. Extent Illusions
  25. Facial Illusions
  26. Figure/Ground Illusions
  27. Filling-In Illusions
  28. Forced Perspective Illusions
  29. FourStroke Motion
  30. Frame of Reference Illusions
  31. Fraser’s Spiral Illusion
  32. Freezing Rotation Illusion
  33. Garbino Illusion
  34. Geometrical Illusions
  35. Hallway Illusion
  36. Healing Grid of Kanai
  37. Hermann Grid Illusion
  38. Hering Illusion
  39. Hollow Mask Illusion
  40. Hollow Masks Illusion
  41. Horizon Illusions
  42. Illusions of Expression
  43. Illusory Figures
  44. Impossible Figures
  45. Impossible Fork
  46. Impossible Objects
  47. Impossible Staircase
  48. Impossible Triangle
  49. Inverted Head Illusion
  50. Jumbled Letters Illusion
  51. Leaning Tower of Pisa Illusion
  52. Leviant’s Enigma
  53. Leviant’s Traffic
  54. Levitating Waters
  55. Lightness Illusions
  56. Lionel’s Vanishing Train Illusion
  57. Looming Illusion
  58. Lotto’s Perspective Illusion
  59. Lotto’s Brightness Illusion
  60. Lotto’s Cornsweet Illusion
  61. Lotto’s Rubik’s Cube Color Illusion
  62. Magnifier Illusion
  63. Missing Vowels Illusion
  64. Motion Aftereffects
  65. Motion Induced Blindness
  66. Mystery Melodies
  67. Mystery Shack
  68. Mystery Spot
  69. Neon Color Spreading
  70. Old Woman/Young Woman Illusion
  71. Ouchi Illusion
  72. Paradox Box
  73. Perceptual Drift Illusions
  74. Perspective Illusions
  75. Plank Illusion
  76. Poggendorff Illusion
  77. Ponzo Illusion
  78. Profile Illusions
  79. Priming Illusions
  80. Quickening Beat Illusion
  81. Railway Track Illusion
  82. Relative Motion Illusions
  83. Revolving Circles Illusion
  84. Scintillating Illusions
  85. Scintillating Grid Illusion
  86. Scintillating Luster Illusions
  87. Shadow Illusions
  88. Shadow Sculptures
  89. Shape from Shading Illusion
  90. Shepard’s Tabletop Illusion
  91. Shepard Tones
  92. Simultaneous Contrast Illusions
  93. Spatial Frequency Illusions
  94. Spinning Dancer Illusion
  95. Stroboscopic Effects
  96. Stroop Effect
  97. Subjective Contours
  98. Thiery Figure
  99. Three-dimensional Subjective Contours
  100. Todorovric’s Dartboard Illusion
  101. Topsy Turvy Illusions
  102. Transparency Illusions
  103. Twisted Cord Illusions
  104. Two-Stroke Motion
  105. Watercolor Effect
  106. White’s Illusion
  107. Winking Illusion
  108. Word Illusion
  109. Wundt Illusion
  110. Wundt-Jastrow Illusion

Featuring videos with:

  1. Physicist Richard Feynman
  2. Behavorial Neuroscientist Vilaynar Ramachandran
  3. Vision scientist Arthur Shapiro
  4. Perception scientist Richard Gregory
  5. Belgian artist Matheau Haemaker
  6. Magician Jerry Andrus
  7. Magician Franz Harary
  8. Mathematical physicist Roger Penrose
  9. Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvard
  10. Japanese visual artist Shigeo Fukuda


Al Seckel is one of the world’s leading experts on visual and sensory illusions and how they relate to the underlying mechanisms of sensory perception. He has lectured extensively on this subject throughout the world at many of the most prestigious universities and venues. He is the author of several best-selling and award-winning books on the science of visual illusions and perception, as well as desktop and wall calendars, and all manner of merchandise. He has also been active in designing and building interactive galleries on illusions and perception for science and discovery museums throughout the world.

Seckel also has a tremendous passion for delightful recreations of the mind, which include puzzles, impossible objects, origami, mazes, creative toys, magic, and mathematical recreations.



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