martin-gardner-300pxEye Wonder Publishing specializes in publishing the highest quality electronic books and applets in the following areas: puzzles, brain teasers, illusions, magic, mathematical and mental recreations, innovative and creative thinking skills, recreations and curiosities of the mind, and mathematical art. These works are authored by the most accomplished leaders and renowned creators, designers, and authors in each respective field.

Our published works will amaze, delight, enlighten, and always surprise you. The content that we offer is not available anywhere else and is proprietary to Eye Wonder Publishing.

Our emphasis is on creating excellence and value for the most inquisitive and discerning of minds both young and old.

This press pays homage to our inspiration, friend, and hero, the late legendary author Martin Gardner, who gave us so much delight and enlightenment.

All titles will have a very high level of content, quality, and accessibility, available on a wide range of digital platforms and devices fully utilizing the new freedoms and interactivity available through current digital media.

Titles will typically cost $2.99, giving the purchaser extreme value for their money, and thus allow also for a much wider dissemination of these topics stimulating and inspiring new generations to enjoy the pleasures of the mind, and allowing those who are already familiar with these topics to always discover something new and surprising.

If you are a specialized author in one of these areas, and wish to discuss the publication of your title, please contact us at: or: